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What Will Your Child Get


Your child will participate in a fun maths afterschool club.

At Spaghetti Maths we want your child to be more than a participant in our club; so what else will they get…


They will get to take something really cool away with them.

Unique to all Spaghetti Maths sessions, your child will build or create something in the club, which they take home with them.

It is really important to us that our classes are tactile and hands on experiences; after all, children (and adults) like doing practical and active things. Furthermore this enhances parental engagement in the class and facilitates a continuation of the discussion and learning at home.

Your child will:

  • Be inspired by their teachers
  • Be developed as thinkers and contributors
  • Be impressed with the demonstrations they see and take part in
  • Grow confidence with their own abilities in mathematics