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Who We Are

We deliver engaging and exciting maths enrichment activities. We love sharing our joy that numbers and shapes can bring. We aim to get children to show interest and motivation in maths while building their confidence when working with numbers. We show children the mind-blowing wonder behind maths in creative activities which stimulates their natural desire to learn.


We love numbers and know great activities to pass on our enthusiasm. We’re so positive about numbers your child will come out of our sessions full of everything they have learned, wanting to learn more. 

Well informed

We have researched key topics which captivate children’s interest.  Our sessions are constructed to inspire and stimulate a fun learning environment. They will help to build your child’s confidence, not only socially, but academically too.


Photos from some of our sessions


All our staff are fully trained and DBS checked.  They are enthusiastic, vibrant and work within a carefully structured and risk assessed session plan.


We encourage children, when solving problems, to be:

  • Imaginative, creative and flexible
  • Systematic
  • Independent in thought and action
  • Cooperative
  • Persistent
  • Fascinated with the subject



The Spaghetti Maths Story