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Why Choose Us


Our philosophy is simple. We believe that everyone can learn maths. Spaghetti Maths has created a structured programme of clubs that promotes a positive ‘can-do’ attitude.


There’s a growing body of evidence that shows that having a positive mindset will improve your long term achievement in that subject.  It’s been shown that our brains can grow and change.

Our clubs and training are based on the work promoted by, Professor Jo Boaler of Mathematics Education at Stanford University.  She has shown that if we believe we can do maths, it can actually change the mathematical working of our brain.


Children and adults are inspired when we open maths and invite thinking and creativity. Spaghetti Maths has a fantastic reaction when we go into schools and give opportunities for creative and exciting maths.


All Spaghetti Maths staff encourage their students by:

  • Showing interest and motivation
  • Showing pleasure and enjoyment from mathematical activities
  • Showing an appreciation of the purpose, power and relevance of mathematics
  • Showing satisfaction derived from a sense of achievement
  • Showing confidence in an ability to do mathematics at an appropriate level


We’ve often picked up our children from school and had this conversation:

Parent: “Hi Sam, how was your class today?”

Sam: “Good”

Parent: “What did you do? What was your favourite part?”

Sam: “Can’t remember…..”

We promise to try our utmost to create memorable experiences for your child.

  • They will be inspired (by their teachers)
  • They will be developed (as thinkers and contributors)
  • They will be impressed (with the demonstrations they see and take part in)
  • They will grow confidence with their own abilities in mathematics.