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Case Study

Manu Mathew

This is Manu’s story…

I started operating Spaghetti Maths in the Coventry area in February 2019. Within the first 3 months I achieved 50% of my investment as turnover!

The Spaghetti Maths team at head office helped me to set up the business which was crucial for my success, and I am able to seek and get solutions for any issues in running my Spaghetti Maths business. It’s my 4th month and I started running 9 clubs for the summer term which is a remarkable achievement. The good thing is that I’ve had to double some clubs due to high demand.

From a schools point of view, its much easier for them to coordinate with the Spaghetti Maths team as there is no admin or cost for the school.

I opted for Spaghetti Maths because it’s a ready to go home based business with huge potential to earn and many new income-streams like birthday parties, workshops and holiday clubs. I am yet to explore holiday clubs and one day workshop programs which will be another opportunity to earn. All the schools are happy with the professional way we present online and offline.


Rose Smith

And a few words from Rose…

I began training in July meaning I could get some schools booked in and start earning in September. Andy from HQ came down to deliver my first assembly and the response from the children was amazing!

From the schools I have running now I’ve been able to book in further dates as the original clubs have filled up in hours. I advertised a second club at one school that became fully booked within 30 minutes!

I’ve taken another booking for next half term because a parent of one child who saw the assembly is also a teacher in another local school. I hadn’t even contacted that school yet but good news travels fast!

With four clubs running in my first half term, I’m already looking to recruit presenters to train up for future clubs. I want to make sure that every child at Spaghetti Maths has a great experience.

I’m well on my way to recouping my initial investment and really looking forward to the future with Spaghetti Maths. I brought in over £3,000 and that was from just four clubs. Now I have the time to contact more schools I’m confident I can build on this. From a personal point of view the pace of life is so much better than classroom teaching and I’m hopeful that when fully established, I will have a comparable income.

Things that have really impressed me about Spaghetti Maths are not obvious until you start. The systems are excellent, particularly the franchise page. The automatically generated register makes organising the clubs very easy (and has impressed the schools too).

The resources and activities really hook the kids. My first club went like clockwork with the children really engaged throughout the whole session with absolutely no behaviour issues at all.

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