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Holiday Clubs

Are you looking for an active, educational and safe holiday club?

What better way for your children to spend part of the school holidays than with their friends (and making new friends!) at a super Spaghetti Maths holiday club? If your child has been to Spaghetti Maths at their school they will know what we are all about. However, our holiday clubs are a little bit different.

We combine the best of our amazing Spaghetti Maths after-school club activities, along with other investigations and mix them up with crafts and fun and active games to make our very own awesome holiday club experience!

Whether your child is active, inquisitive or into crafts, there is something for everyone at our Spaghetti Maths holiday clubs.

We'll put the details of our upcoming holiday clubs here, but let us know if you'd like us to hold a holiday club in your area.


Why choose a Spaghetti Maths Holiday club?

  • Safe environment with qualified staff
  • Range of activities to suit every child
  • Variety of booking options from one day to a full week
  • Wrap around care available
  • A fun, active and creative expeience for your children

Spaghetti Squad Holiday Club video