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Spaghetti Maths was began as a way to promote a positive attitude to maths.  We've developed a wealth of interactive and creative clubs, assemblies and workshops which can be brought directly to your school. We can always tailor the activities  to suit your specific needs.

There's a growing body of evidence that shows that if children (and adults) enjoy a subject, they'll work harder at it and spend longer doing it.  Spaghetti Maths will boost the status of maths in your school with both pupils and parents.  As one Headteacher told us "Spaghetti Maths is transforming maths in our school" (Headteacher, Whittington CE Primary School)

If you would like to learn more about what we can offer then please complete the contact us form and someone from Spaghetti Maths will contact you within 24 hours.

Photos from some of our sessions

Four steps to get your Spaghetti Maths club booked:

1. Decide on the day of the week you'd like the club to run. 

2. Book a date for us to deliver our amazing maths show to the whole school. 

3. Send out the flyers that we provide on the day of the assembly which tell the parents all about the after-school club. 

4.  Sit back and relax - we'll do the rest!

"Spaghetti Maths has given our children the opportunities they really deserved to enjoy maths! The big build day inspired them to apply creative thinking to their maths lessons which is so often missing from a very busy curriculum. The after school club provides a safe and stimulating environment for the children to be curious, creative and develop their maths skills whilst having a lot of fun!
From the introductory assembly to the resources provided each week for the children, Spaghetti Maths thinks of everything and delivers exactly what we want for all of our children - a positive, can do attitude to maths!"
(Sarah Carr, Hallam Fields Junior School, Derbyshire)