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Untangling Numbers

Inspiring educational maths activities for the world.

Why Choose Us

Spaghetti Maths sessions are suited for all primary aged children. Whether they already enjoy maths or not, they will love our unique style and amazing activities!

Why choose Spaghetti Maths…

  • Fun, creative and engaging activities
  • Safe sessions run by DBS checked presenters
  • Encourages inquisitiveness and questioning
  • Develops positive attitudes
  • Builds confidence


Our philosophy is simple. We believe that everyone can learn maths. We’ve created a structured programme of clubs that promotes a positive ‘can-do’ attitude.

There’s a growing body of evidence that shows having a positive mindset will improve your long term achievement in that subject.  It’s been shown that our brains can grow and change.

Our clubs and training are based on the work promoted by Professor Jo Boaler of Mathematics Education at Stanford University.  She has shown that if we believe we can do maths, it can actually change the mathematical working of our brain.


“I am interested in setting up a Spaghetti Maths club for next term. You have been recommended to us by Baschurch Primary School so I was wondering if someone could get in touch for us to begin setting the club up? Thanks”

Katie, Shropshire (Teacher)